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"Life is Good!" at Winter Wheat

Rockin' On: London Daily Photo- Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Life is Good!" at Winter Wheat.

Sunday the group of Morgans touring Southwestern Ontario stopped in Sparta. They proceeded down Quaker Road to Winter Wheat. The group, mainly from the Toronto area, was impressed... read the full blog here.


Garden Lady


Visit to Winter Wheat

Customer comments via email- Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My wife and I had the immense pleasure of visiting your ...what do I call it??? A wonderfully serene walk through chidhood mixed in with humorous displays, gorgeous flowers and trees of course. My trade was as a Forester so that kept my attention. And the crafts for sale in your main house were just breathtaking. We went away with quite a few but could have left with more. One of the things we bought was a picture depicting part of the walking tour and it really caught our eye and it is on display in our kitchen so we can see it everyday and again appreciate the wonderfull time we had. The painting is very well done, conveying a love for work being done and trying to capture the spirit of the place. Thank you for being able to participate in the experience, I am most sure we will be back and will recommend to our friends. We live in Ottawa but the trip was well worth it.

Larry and Jocelyne McIntosh


Four Fun and Easy Day Trips in Your Area

Campbell Toyota eNewsletter- May 2010

Unique, quirky, creative, whimsical, peaceful and fun best describe what awaits you at Winter Wheat, a one-of-a-kind setting, located just outside of Sparta.

It’s a perfect place to get away from the regular world and have a great time...more


Brantford Piston Pushers visit Winter Wheat

Thank you for your hospitality- November 2009

This past Nov 1 2009 a group from the Brantford Piston Pushers enjoyed a stop at Winter Wheat. There are lots of shots at Winter Wheat (on the video below) and on behalf of our club I thank you for your hospitality!
Kevin Hill




A great day “owt” in South Western Ontario

Chickstravelflicks's Blog- November 23, 2009

My mother discovered Winter Wheat while on a Mother’s day Shunpiker Mystery Tour about five years ago. Since then this place has become a “must see” for the many friends and family who come to visit my parents in Canada throughout the year.

I find it hard to describe a place like Winter Wheat without falling into the trap of clichés. It is, without a doubt, peaceful, tranquil, cosy and enchanting ..more arrow



Winter Wheat

Day Tripping Paper- July/August Issue, 2009

Breathing in the gentle fragrance of the land and feeling the soft bed of needles beneath my feet, I think how wonderful it is to be in the hush of the woods again...

... Visitors speak quietly, smile at strangers and... take their time. I notice the look in their eyes, the softness of thier faces; some sit almost trancelike...more arrow


Winter Wheat

I really did find the experience an enriching and uplifting one...

I was recently at Winter Wheat for the first time with my mother and I really did find the experience an enriching and uplifting one.

I also wanted to let you know what a great inspiration you are to not only manifest your dreams but also to share it with others in such a generous way. I really respect your involvement in Sudan as well. We take so much for granted in our rich Western Society. I always get so discouraged with parents who won’t allow their children to use play doh or create any crafts at home. Not only do we take for granted our peaceful society and resources but just our opportunities to foster our creativity.

Good luck, Christy Doherty


Originality and Soul

my first glimpse almost brought me to tears...

My husband David and I wanted to thank you for generously opening your beautiful facility to us and all the visitors you accommodate. I had found you via the internet and dragged my reluctant husband with me. Winter Wheat worked its magic because he hasn’t stopped talking about it since :). It may sound corny to say this , but my first glimpse almost brought me to tears because of it’s originality and soul.

It’s obvious that the two of you love what you do. I felt like a child opening amazing gifts. With each step we had to just stand still and absorb our surroundings for fear we’d miss something. It was sensory overload of the best kind. We bought a few things at the gift shop (who could not with all of the inspiration surrounding us) and everytime we look at it will be reminded of Winter Wheat. We appreciate all of the hard work and heart work that went into making Winter Wheat what it is. We look forward to visiting again and telling anyone who will listen about this amazing place. Warm regards, Carol Marttini (email: "A house is a home when it nourishes the soul)


When the hermit left

Toronto Star Saturday, September 11, 2004

It's one of the most peaceful and relaxing places to shop for decorations for your home and garden.
Fittingly, it's the former forest abode of a man known as "the hermit," now transformed by a couple raised on
local farms, who went on to establish their careers in folk art and chainsaw artistry. more


Hermit likes life the old-fashioned way

Toronto Star, Wednesday, December 22, 1982

Fred Shepherd would have been quite comfortable in ancient Sparta - his lifestyle in new Sparta a picturesque village near St. Thomas isn't much different. more


Nature a religion for happy hermit

The London Free Press, Saturday, June 9, 1979

Fred Shepherd is a hermit. He has no electricity, running water or modern conveniences most people say you have to have to live. His only mode of transportation is a standard men's bicycle and his only method of heating his modest home is an old, small wood and coal burning cook stove. more