Quirky and Whimsical

To all who smile when they see a whirlgig…
to all who adore the witty and eccentric…
to all who love the garden…
to all who think a plain green lawn isn’t enough…
to all who wish life would sometimes slow down…
to all of you…

…welcome to Winter Wheat.

Winter Wheat Country Store

The Location

Set in the tranquil shadows of stately pine and spruce trees just south of Sparta, Ontario, Winter Wheat invites visitors to slow down and take delight in the unexpected.

The Experience

Surprises abound around every turn down the garden path. Chainsaw carvings, uniquely decorated with recycled scraps of wood, metal and found objects. There are places to rest and relax… visitors speak quietly, smile at strangers and… take their time. It is a place of absolute delight and joy.

The Store

The store is an enchanting place nestled in a park like setting. It offers a wide variety of items from home and garden decor to a unique selection of fashionable clothing and jewelry.

Stay awhile and enjoy.

Life is made up of moments and memories...


``The seasons are what a symphony ought to be:
four perfect movements in harmony with each other.``
~ Artur Rubenstein

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``It’s a perfect place to get away from the regular world and have a great time.``


Winter Wheat is a Folk Art Environment that celebrates Folk Art
and all who take pleasure in expressing what's in their heart.

more about folkart

Folk Art is created by ordinary folks who express what they are feeling in their hearts by creating imaginative things.
Often times the expressions they create are extremely exuberant, witty or humorous.
Often times these artists take ordinary objects like...

``Once you've been here it beckons you to return.``


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Before Winter Wheat, a solitary man by the name of Fred Shepherd, called these 5 acres his home.
Fred lived in the board and batten house that is currently on the property. However, when he lived there he had no modern conveniences of electricity or running water.

``A very peacful, tranquil place.``


When you’re visiting the area, Winter Wheat also invites you to visit the following places and meet some of our special friends.

Food and Accommodations:

Pinecroft and Green Frog Tearoom – in Aylmer – 1-519-773-3435

Kettle Creek Inn 1-866-414-0417


Quai Du Vin Estate Winery   in St. Thomas – 519-775-2216


Inn on the Harbour in Port Stanley – 519-782-7623

Sparta House Tea Room & Restaurant in Sparta – 519-775-2313

Connemara Farm in Port Stanley – 519-657-1787

Other Places of Interest

HMCS Ojibwa in Port Burwell

Steed & Company Lavender Farm in Sparta – 519-494-5525

Family Flowers Inc. in St Thomas – 519-631-6004

Clovermead Bees and Honey in Aylmer – 519-6773-5503

Peter Robson Studios in Sparta – 519-775-2522

Periscope Playhouse in Port Burwell – 519-874-4026

For More Information

St. Thomas Elgin Tourist Association 1-519-631-1460 ext. 137

Discover Southern Ontario 519-633-5547

``Winter Wheat is a very special place to visit.``


Happiness and joy have no relish unless they are shared with others.

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We love having company... and please contact us if you have any questions at all ... or to just let us know what you think!

Contact Details

5277 Quaker Road
Sparta, ON
N0L 2H0
Telephone:  519-660-9623
Email: info@winter-wheat.com

Due to a recent fire, Winter Wheat will be closed until further notice.
Backroads map of area

To help you find your way around the back roads of Elgin please download Shelley’s unique hand drawn “Back Roading Elgin” map with list of places to visit.



For the enjoyment of all visitors and for the safety to the animals at Winter Wheat. Please keep your pets in your vehicles or walk them in the dog walking area located near the parking lot. We’re sorry but pets are not allowed in the garden area or store.

To keep the gardens clean and to protect the birds and animals, please do not bring food onto the property.


Bus tours welcome!
If you are planning to visit us as a bus tour company please allow at least 1 hour for your passengers to enjoy our grounds and store. Advance notice of tours would be appreciated.

Please refrain from smoking anywhere on the grounds.